Helping people be the best they can be.

Rich Rores has been working with and nurturing people his entire life. Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, he spent his younger years working in his family's restaurant. After high school, he attended Niagara University where he earned an undergraduate degree in Hotel Restaurant Management. From there, he attended culinary school at Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island and Schiller International University in France. Rich worked for years in professional kitchens as a working Chef and Certified Executive Chef in Europe as well as New York.

Eventually, Rich decided to get out of the kitchen so he could spend more time managing P&Ls and business development. After working with different companies, he landed a position as general manager with a hotel management company, and he spent the next eight years opening and managing high-volume hotels. Then, 14 years ago, he and his wife, Dawn, started Sandman Gourmet, a corporate catering and restaurant business in Columbus, Ohio.  They've been running the company ever since. He has served on many boards and is involved with various charities as well.

A personal wake-up call

With a wife, two growing boys and a business of his own, Rich's life was moving quickly. Then, with almost no warning, he got a wake-up call like no other. Rich landed in the hospital with a damaged aortic valve that led to open heart surgery and an infection that kept him out of work and on the mend for months.  During that time of recuperation and soul-searching, he developed a clearer perspective of his life moving forward. That's when he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a professional coach. For the past 7 years rich has been coached, trained and mentored by the best in the coaching industry and has developed a solid coaching and consulting practice. 

If the move from Chef to Hotel General Manager to Successful business owner to Coach seems like a career leap, it's not. Through it all, Rich has been managing, consulting and working with people, and his people skills are top-notch. Both at the corporate level and as an entrepreneur, Rich has helped hundreds of individuals develop and grow their careers. Today, as a professional coach, he is using those skills to help executives and other individuals excel both personally and professionally.

Rich spends most of his free time with family. He and Dawn have been married for more than two decades, and they live in Galena, OHIO with their two teenage sons, Christopher and Niko. A former rugby player, a business owner, and an executive chef who makes his own knives as a hobby, Rich is passionate about his family, his business—and coaching people.





“Over the past thirteen years I have worked with a number of coaches for business, artistic endeavors, and general mental health. When I signed up for coaching my expectations reflected my experience, which meant, that the coach and I would set up an action plan for specific goals and knock those out one by one. Along the way, I assumed that we would address setbacks, discuss those setbacks, and alter our approach to address those roadblocks. Within the first five minutes of our session, I realized this was going in an unexpected direction. Rich began asking questions that caused me to dive deep inside my own mental and emotional constructs. He addressed the myths and beliefs I held inside that blocked me from attaining my truest desires. These initial sessions broke through barriers I held on to tightly for reasons that didn’t serve my highest self. The best word to describe our work would be evolution. That word encompasses all the things I was attempting to do over the past thirteen years. By being asked the right questions, I uncovered the ideas I possessed that didn’t serve me. I approached these sessions with an open heart and open mind and found something even more profound, my consciousness. Our sessions are more guided journey with coach and client moving together in lockstep. This type of team approach is unlike anything I have experienced or was even aware of. I am inspired by our work and wish we would have began our journey sooner. However, I have found a place inside myself where I know that the perfect time for this journey is now.”
— Michael Isla, April 27, 2017
As a consultant, the main obstacle to my clients’ success has always been the client themselves. Normally, they lacked the self-confidence, the ability to target goals, and the capability to effectively process ideas to make effective decisions and the inability or willingness to accept change,
My goal in bringing Rich Rores into the consulting process is to ensure my clients’ success in the consulting process – to have my clients work smarter and have greater clarity in their roles and objectives.
Coaching has enabled my clients to identify solutions to specific business-related issues, define their targets and goals, improve their self-awareness and relationships. Through coaching, RCI’s clients build valuable skills and knowledge that they used to advance their restaurants, careers and lives.
The benefits of Rich’s coaching are many. Clients who receive coaching experience increased self-confidence, and benefited from more decisive decision-making work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. They were able to sort through their personal and professional challenges to make decisions and effectively carry through with those decisions.
RCI’s clients who received Rich’s coaching not only recouped their investment in coaching, but experienced a boast in managerial responsibilities, an increase in productivity.
— Bob Welcher, President at Restaurant Consultants, Inc.